MacKenzie Vaughan Hospital to become Canada’s first ‘smart’ medical center

The MacKenzie Vaughan Hospital
Rendering of the MacKenzie Vaughan Hospital | MacKenzie Health

Upon its completion by 2020, the MacKenzie Vaughan Hospital will become Canada’s first medical center to have a fully-integrated smart technology system, as well as interactive medical devices.

Being a dual-site model, the existing MacKenzie Richmond Hill Hospital is likewise slated for similar upgrades to provide surrounding communities with more accessible and seamless medical services.

To achieve such feat, MacKenzie Health has to transform the way it delivers healthcare. Besides featuring centralized communications and the Internet of Healthcare Things, a unified workflow strategy will be implemented in both hospitals.

Presently, a total of 75 smart strategies are being developed to boost staff performance by ultimately increasing the amount of time caregivers spend with each of their patients.

An example is one responding to Code Blue or a cardiac arrest. If the vital signs monitor detects any abnormalities, it will automatically alert the Critical Care Response Team through real-time location services.

Team members are to wear badges that override nearby elevators to save time. Once the alert has also been triggered, the patient’s hospital bed will return to flat position in preparation for resuscitation, and the IV pump is disabled from administering narcotics that may result in respiratory distress.

For easier reference, an in-room display will project an overview of the patient’s record. The alert then automatically stops once the team has already arrived.

Moreover, hospital rooms are designed with wood accents, large windows, and enough space to accommodate visitors. Each has an Integrated Beside Solution that does not only contain patient information but also temperature and light control, entertainment options, and food selections.

MacKenzie Vaughan Hospital’s interiors are still under construction.


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