Newtonbrook Block and Supply develops GreenShield sustainable concrete block glass-recycling technologies, earning LEED points with flexibility, innovation


    Building on its more than 65-year history and affirming its commitment to the future as a third-generation family owned and operated company, Newtonbrook Block and Supply has transformed its entire product offering to be greener and more sustainable.

    President Robert Doerner says the company, which initially began as a block manufacturer and building supply company, over time evolved to focus on manufacturing. The company’s innovation and commitment to the industry is evident in its newest green initiative, he says.

    Manufactured in a 40,000 sq. ft. production facility on 11 acres located just east of Aurora near the 404, Newtonbrook’s new GreenShield Concrete Technologies substantially reduces carbon emissions and is currently diverting more than 400 tons of glass from the waste stream annually.

    Vice-president Art Doerner says Newtonbrook has always embraced the opportunity to take on unique and custom projects to meet specific demands. He says the company has successfully applied it’s flexibility and innovation to address demands for greener products.

    “We actually tried to use recycled glass 30 years ago, but the technology wasn’t there to support it,” says Robert. While the new product lines will generally resemble previous lines because the glass disappears in the process, Art says there are also opportunities to create different looks by using higher glass concentrations.

    Either way, he says, the customer receives a concrete product that helps reduce the carbon footprint and diverts tons of glass from waste. The product is also somewhat lighter than its more traditional counterparts, offers higher LEED points compared to carbon capture equivalents, is free of VOCs and reduces virgin material used.

    Robert says Newtonbrook is pleased with the results of the new GreenSheild product line and will use the company’s testing capabilities to examine fireproofing and soundproofing specifications of concrete blocks down the road to see if there are hidden advantages. The company will also look to grow beyond the new technology with time.

    Nino Masucci, executive director of sales, says now that the GreenShield products have proven themselves, the focus will be on attending trade shows and sitting down with architects, engineers, builders and developers to educate them on the product line’s benefits.

    “We are aware that condominium builders are often looking for a competitive advantage,” he said. “The LEED points available through the GreenShield product line is something buyers and developers will find attractive.”

    Masucci says Newtonbrook’s Green- Shield and GreenShield Plus concrete technologies can help contribute valuable points for “numerous LEED rating systems for various project types, including LEED for New Construction and Major Renovation, LEED for Existing Buildings and LEED for Core and Shell Construction.”

    Another group that will benefit from the new GreenShield product line-up is Newtonbrook’s extensive dealer network. They will now have a greater opportunity to take part in the green movement, and as a result of GreenShield Products, the masonry contractor and supplier can tell a much stronger and richer-green story.

    For more information, contact Nino Masucci 1-800-463-5095, or visit greenshieldconcrete. com.


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