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By Chase

The last week of October was a great week for weather and finishing up my yard work for the season. I am sure those working on construction sites appreciated the great weather as well. I have noticed more and more sites getting prepped for the cold weather and the arrival of construction heaters.

This past weekend, I planted another eight spruce trees on our property, bringing my count for the year to more than 20 new trees. Now I just have to wait 10 to 15 years for them to mature and add some additional privacy to our 1.13 acre lot. The goal has been to plant a lot of evergreen trees and bushes to make the property a little greener year-round.

We are lucky enough to have six mature maples on the property that are more than 100 feet tall. There is also a grand old oak tree. You can imagine the amount of leaves we get each Fall. With the installation of gutter guards this November, I will never have to clean my eavestroughs in the Spring, a wise and time saving investment.

What type of time saving maintenance work do you do on your projects to save time and money?
Next up for projects will be ordering 22 tons of half inch traffic bond to grade my driveway and for use in our barn. Who is your go-to company in Niagara for gravel? Send me details and I will follow up with them. The best quote so far with delivery has been $650. Once this wraps up, there are no more outside projects until next March. Then we will be looking at five yards of garden soil for garden boxes and at least 10 yards of mulch for landscaping and cleaning up the yard.

What fun projects are you doing around your home this winter? Are there interesting community projects where you are participating? Share your details and we can provide coverage in an upcoming issue of the monthly magazine or in our daily newspaper. You can reach me at

Chase is the director of marketing and client relations for the Construction News and Report Group as well as the associate publisher for the Ontario Construction Report, Ottawa Construction News and the Ontario Construction News daily digital newspaper. He also oversees several US markets in Chicago, Washington DC, Florida, New York, North Carolina and California. You can reach him by phone at (905) 341-8686.


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