Publishers Viewpoint Aug 2021


By Chase

Everyone in my home with the exception of our 8-month-old daughter have been fully vaccinated. But has anything changed for us yet? When can I go out in public without a mask? For the most part things still feel as if we are in a lock down.

As vaccinations continue to roll out what is next for the construction industry and people of Ontario, will some sort of COVID-19 fully vaccinated identification program be rolled out? Will more pressure be put on those who are simply refusing to be vaccinated and consider this all a hoax?

With The Buildings Show set to return the first week of December will the Fourth Wave have an impact on the return of a scaled back live event with extended online presence? Planning for the event is slowly ramping up here the Construction News and Report team and figuring out scheduling, travel and where to stay. Early discussions are also taking place with inviting a few of our industry partners to attend the show as well, stay tuned for more updates. Is your company going to the at The Buildings Show this year? What early planning, changes from past years and overall feedback from your teams about coming back?

Enough planning for more than two weeks ahead, that has not worked out so well in the past 16 months. Like you I just want to enjoy the last month of summer. What are your plans for the rest of summer? Does your company have any in person events coming up that we can cover? Email me details at and we will provide coverage in our daily newspaper or the monthly magazine.

Chase is the Director of Marketing and Client Relations for the Construction News and Report Group as well as the Associate Publisher for the Ontario Construction Report, our daily digital newspaper Ontario Construction News as well as several US magazines.  These publications reach tens of thousands of readers across Canada and the United States.

             Chase served on the Board of Directors for the Barrie Construction Association for over four years and over 6 years on the Board of Directors for the Niagara Construction Association. If you have any recommendations or suggestions on changes you would like to make for the publication, please contact him at 905-341-8686 by email   or visit us online at     



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