Publishers viewpoint Oct 2020


By Chase

To say 2020 has been a year of full of shock and surprises would be a huge understatement. With the bad there is always the good and something positive to behold in contrast.

As I wrote this column, I am a few days in from celebrating my marriage on Sept. 26 (postponed from May 30  due to COVID-19). The wedding was a small group of 25 compared to the 140-plus we were originally expecting, although guests could visit virtually by Facetime.

The good news does not stop there. I am also very happy to report that my wife and I are expecting a baby girl in February. I am 45 and my wife is around the same age. We were completely caught off guard from something that was almost 99.99% certain not to happen, but thanks to that 0.01% our new baby girl found a way. When she arrives, she will meet four older brothers who are very happy. Their ages will be 21, 20 and 17 for the two youngest.

What positives has your business seen this year in the midst of COVID-19? What changes have you made that have helped your business even grow? How have you adapted? Send me an email to or call me (905) 341-8686 to share your story. As we adjust to spending more time inside, I want to showcase businesses that have adapted.

One of the ways the industry has adapted is the launch of virtual events and the first one I am starting to work on is The Buildings Show from Nov. 30 to Dec 4. This annual event has for several years been important to connect and network with current and potential clients, and also to learn what is happening from provincial construction industry associations. I am hopeful that it will run smoothly and generate the same results.

What virtual events have you attended or will be attending this year? What worked and what could have made it better?

Chase is the director of marketing and client relations for the Construction News and Report Group as well as the associate publisher for the Ontario Construction Report, our daily digital newspaper Ontario Construction News, and several US magazines. These publications reach tens of thousands of readers across Canada and the United States.


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