High-performance project co-ordinator Bootcamp set to launch in London

Derek Smith
Derek Smith

Ontario Construction Report special feature

Gold Seal candidates and employers of construction project co-ordinators will get a huge boost starting in May 2022 with a new one-week high intensity immersive High Performance Project Co-ordinator Bootcamp developed and delivered by Constructionlab.

Over the past decade, Constructionlab has been delivering timely and relevant best practices training solutions for contractors, developers, architects, engineers, and authorities having jurisdiction.

The company has grown from in-class one-and two-day facilitation of Canadian Construction Association (CCA) and BuildForce courses, to developing its own curriculum and syllabus for multiple day and on-line live customized Gold Seal accredited courses for small, medium and large organizations.

Constructionlab has also built a solid reputation nationwide for undertaking special projects including best practice guide development and delivering construction and design sector workforce training and employment program grant programs for colleges throughout Ontario.

The Bootcamp is designed to be a five-day 36-hour intensive course, including expertise delivered from five trainers focusing on construction project coordinators core competencies whether working in GC offices, subcontractor offices or land developer offices.

The course has critical thinking and training in project controls and reporting,  contract risk management, basic Ontario construction law, modern and effective communication strategies and human skills associated with team building, leadership and multi-party negotiation required in the field.

Trainers include Ralph Lembcke, a 25- year professor at Fanshawe Colleges’ Donald J. Smith School of Construction Technology, Marcel Mongeon, lawyer specializing in IT/contract and an ODACC Adjudicator, Alfonso Balassone, president of Consult4Construct, Jill Ellis-Worthington, principal of Write-ON Communications Inc., and Derek Smith, senior facilitator at Constructionlab Ltd.

The perk for employers, on top of the six Gold Seal points earned in one week for their employees, is that the course is eligible for up to an 83% refund for the training cost through the Canada-Ontario Job Grant.

A travel voucher for VIA, Air Canada or fuel card, along with all accommodation at the Park Hotel All-Suites in London is included. For those living in London, or close by and not requiring the travel voucher, it’s a Thermea Spa Village gift certificate. All lunches and breakfasts are included as well, making it an all-inclusive opportunity for project coordinators to learn from each other’s practices.

“We want to create an immersive experience for learning. Learning is done in break out rooms, the facilitated interaction of attendees sharing experiences solving a known challenge,” Derek Smith said.

“We know, learning is not accomplished solely in slide decks and is definitely not and ideal learning environment when attendees are answering work emails in their office or home environment.

“We anticipate a return to relative normalcy by May 2022, and Downtown London and this location, offers over 30 restaurants within a five-minute walk. It is a beautiful boutique hotel at the north end of Victoria Park and a 12-to-15-minute walk to the VIA station. We have thought of everything, including breaks to connect back to the office, or home if needed, and we have designed this to be as care free of an experience as possible for the attendees who will participate,” he said

The course was immediately accredited by the CCA Gold Seal Certification Board when presented, and will include group exercises, role plays, quizzes and self-assessments. Each Bootcamp is limited to 10 attendees maximum for complete interaction with each trainer.

The planned three 2022 Bootcamps are scheduled for a week in May 2022, a week in October 2022, and a week in November 2022.  May 2022, the inaugural Bootcamp, is now open for early bird registration to Feb 28th – offering a discounted rate.

“We know that construction project co-ordinators career path leads toward project management if desired, so we want to accelerate that path,” Smith said. “Given all of the stresses we are seeing on human resources in the ICI and residential high rise construction sector, and the need to have high performing construction co-ordinators that are effective for the project team; offering both human and ever-evolving hard skills to interface with trade partners, consultants, project managers, buyers and authorities is crucial for project success. We believe the competencies we have built into the course curriculum will deliver high performance outcomes that will benefit employers immediately.”

To register for the May 2022 Bootcamp, a simple registration page has been set up at https://constructionlab.ca/.


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