LaborTek certifies more than 5,000 individuals for Working at Heights training in English and French


    Program combines theory and practical hands-on experience by April 1 deadline

    Ottawa Construction News special feature   

    For almost 15 years, LaborTek Safety Training has provided training to the construction and industrial sector for government and private industry. The company has applied its expertise to delivering and meeting the demands of mandated Working at Heights training.

    President Donald Tardiff says his team has certified more than 5,000 individuals for Working at Heights training to date.

    “LaborTek Safety Training is proud and confident in our program and the comments and repeat business we have earned from our clients and the many referrals from them supports our belief that the training was a success,” he said.

    One feature that stands out is LaborTek’s ability to deliver Working at Heights training in both English and French. Tardiff says achieving certification in French took a lot of time and effort to ensure the proper translation of materials. “We really did that for our clients, to be able to accommodate them as much as we can.”

     Working at Heights training is offered six times a week with up to three classes a day to meet the demands of people trying to meet the April 1, 2017 deadline. Tardiff says he is equipped to staff multiple courses in a day. The company has added new equipment, and the acquisition of more mobile equipment for on-site training to meet the demand.

    LaborTek offers training through two classrooms at its own facility, or can provide on-site training throughout eastern and northern Ontario and Quebec. The company has also provided Working at Heights, Rescue and Confined Space Entry classes in the GTA.

    Part of the course wrap-up is an anonymous critique completed by students. “From these critiques, we’ve learned that our clients like to have trainers that have a lot of experience and that we have a great team, they are qualified and dynamic as teachers.”

    He says feedback has included praise about the mix of theory and practical, the advantages of an instructor with field experience and thorough programming.

    LaborTek will continue to work closely with the Ministry of Labour (MOL) to upgrade its training as required and to provide the required training reporting. “There will be a requirement for instance for training to be renewed every three years. At this point the MOL is working on what that refresher training will be and once it is set, we will ensure we are equipped to provide it.”

    Tardiff says in order to offer additional benefits to its clients, the company has developed a supervisor manager orientation around working at heights that focuses on rescue planning and site specific training. “This fall we also added rescue training and attendance services focused on confined space entry training.”

    He says the company is working on developing additional consulting services to assist large and small businesses to achieve their safety goals. It will continue to update its regular training programs to meet changing demands, and to continue to offer French programming as it is needed. “We also offer online courses to provide the flexibility people sometimes need however, based on our experience and our students’ feedback, the value of being in front of an instructor and to have input based on their real life experiences is very valuable.”

    The company currently employs five trainers, one with more than 25 years’ experience acquired through the Canadian Armed forces. “We also have four co-ordinators and many consultants, along with affiliates, who can provide our training on site across the country.”

    “In the past four years, we have built our team with trainers backed by solid backgrounds in training and rescue based on field experience and expertise. “These trainers have brought a lot to our structure and training protocols and procedures. The great combination of knowledge and experience they add to our company has proven to be a win-win.”

    LaborTek also provides training in: Power Elevated Work Platform, Forklift, Chainsaw Safety, Fire Extinguisher, First Aid and CPR, Propane (TSSA Certified), Traffic Control & Book 7, Confined Space Awareness and Entry, WHMIS and GHS (2015).

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