OCN introduces enhanced new daily public bidding opportunities service


Ontario Construction Report staff writer

On June 1 Ontario Construction News launched a new, enhanced Platinum subscription service  – providing a complete daily listing of all new public sector bidding opportunities in Ontario for a truly reasonable fee.

The optional additional service allows subscribers to obtain much more comprehensive, actionable, information on bidding opportunities. These are posted in a special, extended issue of the daily newspaper, along with (an even faster) private feed news feed, which users can access through a password log-in.

“ There are 50 to 100 and sometimes more bidding opportunities listed each day,” says publisher Mark Buckshon. “If the project is interesting to you, you’ll be able to click through to the relevant DataBid.com project page and get the information you need to obtain bidding documents and, if necessary, ask questions from the relevant authorities.”

Currently, all OCN Daily readers who register for a free subscription can access a sampling of eight to 10 DataBid.com projects each day. “This basic service will continue – in fact we are not reducing any of our current free access and information – but the new service will greatly magnify the potential opportunities,” Buckshon said.

Subscribers can elect to request monthly, quarterly or annual subscriptions. The price is $149.00 per month, $295.00 per quarter or $995.00 for the year. “We ask that you keep the information confidential to your organization and that only one person log in at the same time.” Buckshon said.  (It is okay to share the information within your company.)

Construction News and Report Group will to send readers a non-current sample of the information they would receive with the full subscription on request to subscriptions@ontarioconstructionnews.com. As well, readers can cancel anytime within their first week of subscribing and receive a full refund if they are not satisfied with the service’s value. (After that, OCN will refund you the difference between one month’s subscription and your actual payment.)

“The OCN Platinum service is ideal for contractors seeking a simple, efficient, and easy-to-manage (and inexpensive) leads generation resource,” Buckshon said. “You can if you wish upgrade to higher service levels with DataBid.com directly.  In that case, we would transfer your account to DataBid, who will unlock additional features and leads for you.”

“Our goal is to help you find work quickly and inexpensively, and capture the full opportunities available to you,” he said.

For more information and to register, visit https://ontarioconstructionnews.com/subscriptions You can also phone (888) 627-8717 ext 224 or email subscriptions@ontarioconstructionnews.com.


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