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By Chase

Happy Third Anniversary from the Ontario Construction News team.

What a great three years it has been. When the daily newspaper launched in May, 2019, I was surprised how easily it was to attract our first clients simply by being reachable and responsive to inquiries.

The other big change in publishing Certificates of Substantial Performance (CSP) and other notices, was our simple innovation in allowing clients to review and approve the ads before we published them, giving them an opportunity make corrections. We could still turn around the notices and publish them in less than one business day in most cases.

Three years later responsiveness still leads the way with each customer that converts to our service with a simple account review to determine the best options for all your CSP needs. The best part: While we complete the review, your first notice published in Ontario Construction News is without charge or obligation.

Are you up for the CSP savings challenge? Send an email to or call (905) 341-8686 to get the account review done and unlock long-term savings (without long-term commitments).

Meanwhile, with the warm weather finally approaching (It is hard to believe it as there is snow on the ground this morning at the end of April), outdoor and more in-person construction industry events are returning. I am looking forward to covering these in our publications and meeting people in person once again.

If your association or company is holding a golf tournaments, fundraiser, BBQ or other industry or community-sponsored event please share the details with our team and we can provide promotion ahead of time, coverage afterwards with photos and a write-up, and in some cases come out to meet you.   For those looking for prize donations, make sure to follow up with me for a $3,000 prize package. I only have 10 left for the year.

Lastly please keep me posted on your Fall event planning and opportunities to promote or even partner with you. As always, media releases and photos are welcome for inclusion in our daily news section. If you have any questions, please ask..

Chase is the director of marketing and client relations for the Construction News and Report Group as well as the associate publisher for the Ontario Construction Report, Ontario Construction News and several US regional construction publications.


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