Publishers Viewpoint August 2023


By Chase

It is hard to believe we are now into August. Summer is almost over and Back to School is starting to take over the retail world. How has your year been for the company where you work, and for you in your individual role? What growth, new projects, innovative products, or new staff have you brought on board?

With the monthly magazine and the daily newspaper, we offer many added benefits to our advertisers and certificate clients to promote their companies. First way is to complete the Your Business is Making Headlines form to showcase your work on a project highlighting from the architects, contractors to the suppliers no matter how small their part was in the building. Along with a few photos from the project our editorial team will turn this into a news article to be featured in the daily newspaper, our newsletter and website; all at no cost and no need for anyone else involved with the project to buy ads.

The second way to showcase your company is to submit a media release with photos for our editorial team to craft into a news article. Third option is to submit a finished guest article or column for us to run. Please include a head shot photo to run with the article.

Both options will be featured the same way as Your Business is Making Headlines.

The final option is free editorial coverage or ads promoting your individual contribution or your company’s to your local community or construction sector. For this, we simply set up a phone call or Zoom meeting to review how we can work together to highlight the cause or event. Simply send me an email to start the conversation at

As a new client or advertiser we can also customize a marketing plan for your business that includes display ads, web and newsletter banner ads, highlight videos or your work and also includes editorial coverage as part of the plan to provide you multiple opportunities to showcase your business to our subscribers and website visitors across Canada.

Chase is the director of marketing and client relations for the Construction News and Report Group. The business publishes several websites, eletters and e-magazines in Canada and the US, including the daily Ontario Construction News, Ottawa Construction News, and the Canadian Design and Construction Report. In the US, markets served include Florida, New York, California, North Carolina and Chicago/Illinois.

You can reach Chase by phone at (905) 341-8686 or by email at


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